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March 30, 20200

The global pandemic related to the Coronavirus has brought constant daily changes along with unique challenges affecting the lives of each one of us.

At Mullen & Filippi, our first concern has been to take measures to assure the safety and well-being of all our attorneys and staff. We have additionally taken steps to similarly promote the same concerns for all of those whom we would normally come in contact with in the California Workers Compensation legal community. This is being accomplished in a number of different and evolving ways. We have been constantly changing the methods in which we have traditionally approached our work whether it be appearances by Court Call or video depositions.

Little did we know when we converted some time ago to a paperless work environment that the changes would result in our being better able to meet the needs of our clients during this current crisis. Our expanding use of technology has enabled all of our attorneys to work remotely. We upgraded and improved our case management systems. Electronic communications have gradually become a way of life in our business community but even more so at present.

All of us at Mullen & Filippi remain fully dedicated and capable of representing all our clients with the same knowledge and expertise we have demonstrated in our almost 71 years of existence.

On our website, you will find contact information for all of the partners and attorneys in our firm. Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions or comments regarding an issue on a present matter or concerning a new assignment. New file assignments can be conveniently referred through use of our website or any of the other customary methods you have used in the past.

May everyone and their loved ones remain safe and healthy during this crisis. We have survived other difficult times and will do so again.

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