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Mullen & Filippi was founded in 1949 to provide counsel to employers, carriers, and third-party administrators in defense of Workers’ Compensation matters.

Your legal representation is in good hands with the professionals at Mullen & Filippi.

Mullen & Filippi was founded in 1949 to provide counsel to employers, carriers and third-party administrators in the defense of Workers’ Compensation matters. This longevity speaks not only to stability and excellence in client-centered services but also recognizes the value of having a diverse Firm.

We are proud to be a majority woman-owned Firm. Mullen & Filippi is committed to recruiting, retaining, and promoting individuals of diverse backgrounds and cultures at all levels. Our clients are better served by a Firm that promotes diversity and inclusion within the workplace.

Our values, team and partners are what separates us from other workers’ compensation defense firms. As a firm, we are defined by our integrity, knowledge, expertise and ability to work collaboratively with our clients toward the end goal of expeditious and successful resolution of their cases. Our partners are recognizable as practicing professionals in the community. The success of Mullen & Filippi is defined by continuously exceeding the expectations of our clients.

We are 100% committed to obtaining top results for our clients.

  • Our attorneys and staff take pride in responsiveness, efficiency and cost effective approach toward meeting our clients’ expressed interests, moving a case towards resolution by a favorable negotiated settlement or by continuing litigation to trial.
  • Attorneys and staff are well educated in all aspects of the law, including recent developments and best practices resulting from continuous changes in the industry. The Firm is recognized as a leader in the provision of continuing education to the Workers’ Compensation community through virtual seminars, our website, and legal publications. Our attorneys regularly provide customized presentations for organizations and are always available for onsite or virtual client workshops covering a diverse range of topics.
  • Mullen & Filippi recognizes the need to invest in information technology that provides the best security for clients’ data and can be customized to support each client’s unique goals and objectives, while providing efficient and cost effective outcomes. Our billing and case management software is fully integrated, so we can provide clients with budgets for actual costs, on a real time basis. With this capability we work with clients as an integrated team, so that strategies and decisions can be made with accurate up-to-date information. Outcomes and phases of case handling can be measured, so that our handling is transparent and easily understood by clients.
  • In the end, our longevity in this practice of law comes down to the people who make up our Firm and its leadership. We recognize the need to take care of our intellectual talent. As such, we understand that our attorneys and staff need an appropriate balance between work and other life interests, in order to perform at their best. This approach allows us to provide our clients a breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the law that achieves excellent results.

Our Services Practice Areas

Workers’ Compensation

Mullen & Filippi represents and advises employers, insurance carriers, and third party administrators in matters arising from workplace injuries. The Firm represents a variety of public entities and provides insight on issues of disability.

OSHA Defense

Employers are subject to significant and costly sanctions for alleged violations of Federal and State Occupational


Mullen & Filippi has long maintained a Subrogation Department to represent the interests of those clients

Serious & Willful Misconduct, L.C. 132(a) Discrimination Defense

Mullen & Filippi attorneys are experienced in providing effective representation to employers on claims filed under

Asbestos Defense

Mullen & Filippi handles Workers’ Compensation asbestosis cases by providing a defense at the two Workers’

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